Reforestation creates jobs and generates income

BBF recovers 75,000 hectares of degraded areas in Pará and Roraima
October 31, 2023

Grupo BBF (Brasil Biofuels) is already calculating for the future when it comes to reforestation. It wants to plant more than 40 million palm trees by 2030. Currently, eleven million are cultivated by the company, which works with palm with a focus on the production of biofuels and renewable energies. There are 75,000 hectares of degraded areas being recovered in the states of Pará and Roraima.

The company estimates that the trees planted capture more than 800,000 tons of carbon a year. The investments also involve agroforestry systems, with consortium plantations of cocoa and açaí. By 2030, 30,000 hectares of cocoa and açaí should be planted in the Amazon region, which will make the company the largest individual cocoa producer in the world.

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bbf planting oil palm seedlings

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