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We are Grupo BBF

We operate from oil palm cultivation to the generation of renewable electric energy.

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We are decarbonizing the Amazon Region

Our purpose is to change the energy matrix of the northern region, generating jobs and income.

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biodiesel - palm oil

We develop new renewable solutions

Find out about the unprecedented biofuels developed by Grupo BBF for Brazil's energy transition.

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Our business focused on biotechnology - BBF BioTech - aims to replace the use of petrochemical products with renewable inputs.

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About Us

We are Grupo BBF. We operate in sustainable agribusiness from oil palm cultivation, biofuel production, biotechnology and renewable energy generation.

About BBF

Socioeconomic Impact and Environmental Preservation

Learn more about our performance.

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Come and find out more about Grupo BBF

Since 2008, we have been working with the purpose of decarbonizing the Amazon Rainforest.

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Our Actuation in the Amazon

We operate in the northern region of Brazil, promoting socio-economic development, environmental preservation and job creation.

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Transforming the Energy Matrix

Our purpose is to change the energy matrix in the North region, creating jobs, generating income, and reducing the cost of electricity for the population.

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We generate clean, renewable electricity

We make clean electric energy available to more than 140,000 customers who live in locations served by the Isolated Systems in the North region.

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We accelerate the decarbonization of the Amazon Rainforest

We grow oil palm in degraded areas and are responsible for more than 29 million tons of carbon stored in our plantations.

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We develop renewable biofuels

We produce biofuels from palm oil and remove more than 98 million liters of fossil diesel from the Amazon's atmosphere every year.

Accelerating the Energy Transition in Brazil

We have know-how and expertise in developing energy solutions in different market sectors. Learn how we can accelerate your business' energy transition, with new biofuels, certified raw material sourcing, carbon credits, and other innovative solutions.

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