From soil to life!
From seed to megawatt!
We are Grupo BBF

We are Grupo BBF

Grupo BBF (Brasil BioFuels) was founded in 2008 with the aim of decarbonizing the Amazon region and changing the energy matrix in the north of Brazil.

palm plantations grupo BBF
Image of Dendê, the fruit of palm oil.
Detail of BBF biofuel produced from palm oil 11
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Amazon Rainforest: River with surrounding trees

We operate in the heart of the Amazon

Our goal is to take care of the forest, creating jobs, generating income, and reducing the cost of electricity for the population, while respecting society and the environment.

Our business model

We operate in the entire production chain, as a way to ensure the efficiency of the proposed solutions and the commercialized products.

Aerial view 20 of oil palm plantations in the grupo BBF
We have cultivated more than 75,000 hectares of oil palm in degraded areas in the northern region of Brazil.
We have a production capacity of 200 thousand tons of palm oil per year, used in several market segments.
Detail of BBF biofuel produced from palm oil 11
We develop biofuels from palm oil, our main raw material.
Chemicals in the BBF Lab
We develop renewable inputs to serve the agricultural, cosmetic, food, cleaning, and pharmaceutical segments.
Image of BBF
We generate clean electricity from the biofuels produced by BBF.

Our History

Learn more about our trajectory in the agribusiness, biotechnology, biofuels, and power generation sectors.

16 years ago
Foundation of Grupo BBF in Roraima and start of planting in the region.
Acquisition of AmazonBio (Rondônia) and start of biodiesel production from palm oil.
Investments to enter the market of electric energy generation in the Isolated Systems (North Region).
14 plants
Grupo BBF wins auctions in Acre and Rondônia for 14 thermal power plants.
Rondônia and Acre
Beginning of operation of the concessions in Acre and Rondônia. Winning auction for 8 thermoelectric plants in Amazonas.
New Plants
Start-up of 4 thermoelectric plants in Amazonas. Winning in auction for 2 thermoelectric plants in Roraima.
Acquisition of Biopalma, becoming the largest palm oil producer in Latin America.
New Plants
Winning auction for 12 thermoelectric power plants, 10 in Pará and 2 in Rondônia.
Announcement of investments of R$ 2.2 billion for the production of Green Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), in partnership with Vibra Energia.
Launch of BBF BioTech, a new business unit focused on biotechnology that aims to replace the use of petrochemicals with renewable inputs to serve various market sectors.
Illustration of oil palm theft

Our Purpose

From soil to life. Our portfolio of products and solutions positions us as the world's only integrated player, from cultivation to product portfolio.

Our Guideline

Empowering local Amazonian culture and driving the energy transition for the world.

Message from the CEO

We were born with the aim of changing the energy matrix in the northern region of Brazil, starting with a renewable and clean matrix, replacing the use of fossil diesel with biofuels made from palm oil. All our operations are geared towards ensuring that our business model is sustainable in the long term, generating a positive impact on society and the environment.

Image by Milton Steagall CEO - Grupo BBF
Milton Steagall
CEO - Grupo BBF

Our People

Illustration of the biofuel produced with palm oil by the grupo BBF
Collaborator in the oil palm plantations of grupo BBF
image of a grupo BBF worker in the oil palm plantation
image of a grupo BBF worker walking through a palm oil plantation
worker welding

We are proud to be more than 5,000 direct employees, more than 15,000 indirect employees and more than 400 family farmers. Together, we are caring for and transforming the Amazon region.


Direct employees


Indirect collaborators


Partner Families of the Family Farming Program

Sustainable Agribusiness in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest

Check out our Webseries "Bruno In Loco" and get to know our integrated and verticalized operation in São João da Baliza/RR

BBF web series and Bruno in loco
BBF web series and Bruno in loco
BBF web series and Bruno in loco

Accelerating the Energy Transition in Brazil

We have know-how and expertise in developing energy solutions in different market sectors. Learn how we can accelerate your business' energy transition, with new biofuels, certified raw material sourcing, carbon credits, and other innovative solutions.

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We operate in the Agroindustry, Biofuels, Biotechnology, and Renewable Energy sectors.