We offer integrated solutions for your business's Energy Transition

Solutions for Energy Transition

We have integrated solutions for the energy transition of your business, attending short and long term structural changes, customized to your needs.
From the substitution of fossil fuels for biofuels to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Chemicals in the BBF Lab

Generation of energy with renewable sources

From cultivation to production of biofuels, learn about our sustainable solutions for replacing fossil fuels, with more security of supply and without exposure to commodity prices

Illustration of the biofuel produced by the grupo BBF

Replacing petrochemicals with biotechnology

Learn how our new line of products made from vegetable oils aims to replace the use of petrochemicals with renewable raw materials, serving the agricultural, cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical market segments.

Trees seen from above

Carbon Credit Origination

In Roraima, we will expand our oil palm cultivation by an additional 100,000 hectares by 2025, recovering degraded areas in the Amazon.
Learn more about our projects to generate carbon credits in the Amazon.

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Together we are taking care of and decarbonizing the Amazon forest.