We produce renewable inputs in our Biotechnology unit

BBF BioTech

Our new biotechnology-focused unit aims to replace the use of petrochemicals with renewable raw materials to serve the agricultural, cosmetics, food, cleaning and pharmaceutical sectors.

Chemical instruments used in the Grupo BBF
Illustration of chemicals in the grupo BBF
image of the palm seedlings developing
Laboratory bottles
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Palm oil illustration with plantation in the background
illustration of biodiesel from grupo BBF, with its raw material, palm oil

AmazonBio Care Line

Our products are produced sustainably from vegetable oils, such as palm oil and palm kernel oil, grown by Grupo BBF in the Amazon region.

The line stands out for its biodegradability, low phytotoxicity and low dermal and eye irritation.

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AmazonBio Care Line Portfolio

Get to know our line of renewable raw materials produced from vegetable oils in the Amazon region.

Customized supplies

We produce customized renewable inputs according to your business needs.

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BioTech - research and innovation - customized products

Our Numbers

Our mission is to replace the use of petrochemical products with renewable raw materials.

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patents registered in 2022

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types of inputs to serve various markets

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Our business model

We operate in the entire production chain, as a way to ensure the efficiency of the proposed solutions and the commercialized products.

palm plantations grupo BBF
We have cultivated more than 75,000 hectares of oil palm in degraded areas in the northern region of Brazil.
Palm oil palm illustration in detail
We have a production capacity of 200 thousand tons of palm oil per year, used in several market segments.
Detail of BBF biofuel produced from palm oil 11
We develop biofuels from palm oil, our main raw material.
Chemicals in the BBF Lab
We develop renewable inputs to serve the agricultural, cosmetic, food, cleaning, and pharmaceutical segments.
Image 02 of Transmission lines of the BBF isolated systems
We generate clean electricity from the biofuels produced by Grupo BBF.
Illustration of the biofuel produced with palm oil by the grupo BBF

BBF BioTech at
Ji-Paraná (RO)

We produce ten types of inputs used in personal hygiene, cleaning, and cosmetic products, and which can also be used in formulations for herbicides and insecticides in agriculture or as industrial solvents. The installed production capacity is 3,000 tons/month.

Research and Innovation

In order to promote innovation in the sector, we have established partnerships with the main university research centers in Brazil, such as UNICAMP, IPT and USP.

In 2022 alone, we registered 11 patents applied in the areas of cosmetics, cleaning, pharmaceuticals, food and biofuels.

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Employee in a laboratory at Grupo BBF handling a glass jar with vegetable oil

Biotechnology for developing biofuels from palm oil

Laboratory 2

Process for producing biochemicals in BBF BioTech's laboratory

Laboratory 3

Process for producing biochemicals in BBF BioTech's laboratory

We operate in the Agroindustry, Biofuels, Biotechnology, and Renewable Energy sectors.