Woman applying facial foam as a representation of the Personal Care product line

AmazonBio Care CD90 (Amide 90) for Personal Care and Home Care

AmazonBio Care CD90 (Amide 90)

The product is used in formulations for liquid soaps, fragrances and detergents, among others, to serve the Personal Care and Home Care markets.

Man passing shaving foam as a representation of the Personal Care product line

Product differentials

Our Amida 90 is developed from vegetable oils produced sustainably in the Amazon region.



AmazonBio Care CD90 acts as a thickener, superfatting agent and solubilizer of oils and fragrances, modifying the structure of the foam, making it rich, dense and with a large number of small bubbles.



The product is a differentiator in the Brazilian market because it is an alkalonamide of the fatty acids in palm kernel oil, achieving a high level of sustainability and technology.



CD90 (AMIDA 90) guarantees a formulation with a low cloud point and is used as a co-tenser in the formulation of detergents, shampoos, shaving foams, liquid and industrial soaps.



The lifespan of CD90 is up to 2 years, and it is recommended to store it in a covered and ventilated area, with the need to keep it at room temperature.

Product documents

We provide documents and technical specifications on the AmazonBio Care CD90.

Technical Bulletin

Type: PDF
Size: 77 kb


MSDS - Chemical Product Safety Data Sheet

Type: PDF
Size: 137 kb


Technical specifications

Chemical Name: Palm kernel fatty acid alkalonamide
CAS: 68603-42-9
NCM: 2924.19.94


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