Family Farming Program BBF

Through the Family Agriculture Program of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, we encourage sustainable palm production among more than 400 families in the municipalities of Tome-Açu, Acará, Concórdia do Pará and Moju, in Pará.

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Local Development

Our partnerships with local farmers contribute to the socio-economic development of the Amazon region by providing training programs and technical assistance services to farming families.

Our figures for the Family Farming Program

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tons of fruit purchased from incentivized family farmers in 2023

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Family Farming Program Highlights

Get to know our Program that encourages more than 400 farming families, collaborating for the socioeconomic development of the North region.

Guidelines for improving production

We offer theoretical and practical training given by Grupo BBF professionals and partners.

Course - Family Farming

Allocation of resources, equipment and Grupo BBF

We provide services and improvements to the communities, such as maintenance of branches, technical courses, among others. Hundreds of families benefited in 2023.

Courses and training Family Farming


We support communities that have benefited from leases on unharvested farms, providing resources, equipment and teams from Grupo BBF to provide logistical and technical support.

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Technical Assistance

Through the Family Farming Program, we invest in continuous actions to support the recovery of planting areas and improvement actions for Family Farmers. It is worth mentioning that in the last year, more than 2,000 visits were made and more than 414 families benefited from the Program.

actions for the support and improvement of Family Farmers

Our Family Farming Program

Get to know our Farmers' testimonials and learn more about the Family Farming Program of the Grupo BBF

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Family Farming Program Best of the Year

In 2022, we rewarded farmers who were outstanding in the annual production of 37,000 tons of palm and which earned more than R$30 million to the incentivized families. Our program includes the supply of seedlings, barter for the purchase of fertilizers, technical assistance with specialists, assistance for bank credit and purchase guarantee.

Family Farming Program Best of the Year

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