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We operate in five states in the heart of the Amazon rainforest

Where we operate

We operate in the heart of the Amazon. We are present in five states in the northern region of Brazil, promoting socio-economic development and environmental preservation.

Amazon Rainforest: River with surrounding trees
Image of a river in the Amazon rainforest
Macaws flying under the Amazon rainforest sky
River with surrounding trees
Oil Palm

The beginning of Grupo BBF (Brasil BioFuels)

We were born in 2008, in Roraima, with the purpose of changing the energy matrix with a verticalized business model, valuing people and the sectors in which we operate.

About BBF

Areas of Expertise

We operate in the entire production chain, as a way to ensure the efficiency of the proposed solutions and the commercialized products.

Aerial view 20 of oil palm plantations in the grupo BBF
We are active in sustainable agribusiness with the cultivation of more than 75,000 hectares of oil palm in degraded areas of the Amazon.
Detail of BBF biofuel produced from palm oil 11
We produce biofuels from palm oil that are used for renewable electricity generation.
Chemicals in the BBF Lab
We develop renewable inputs to serve the agricultural, cosmetic, food, cleaning, and pharmaceutical segments.
Image of BBF
We operate in the electricity sector, generating clean, renewable energy for 140,000 clients located in isolated systems.

Where We Are

We are in the heart of the Amazon. Our commitment is to develop sustainable solutions for decarbonizing the forest, generating income and jobs in the northern region of Brazil.

Aerial image of a river in Acre

We bring energy and sustainable solutions to the state of Acre.

We serve four municipalities located in the Isolated Systems with their electric power supply: Marechal Thaumaturgo, Porto Walter, Santa Rosa do Purus, and Jordão, with a generation capacity of 11.54 MW.

Aerial view of a river in the Amazon rainforest 09

We generate clean electricity for the largest forest in the world.

In the 02/2016 Energy Auction held by ANEEL, we won two lots of thermoelectric plants in the state of Amazonas to serve 6 locations. In the Manaus Free Trade Zone, we are building Brazil's first biorefinery and a new biodiesel production plant.

Oil palm plantation - Grupo BBF/Pará

Sustainable agribusiness with respect for people and the environment.

We have 4 poles for oil palm production in the Acará Valley and Lower Tocantins. We cultivate more than 60,000 hectares of oil palm and have more than 5,000 employees in the state. Besides, we have a soybean extruder in Paragominas.

Aerial image of a river in Rondônia

Integrated and sustainable solutions.

We have 12 thermoelectric plants to serve the Isolated Systems, with a generation capacity of 8.1 MW. In Ji-Paraná, we have a biodiesel production plant and a biotechnology plant for the production of renewable inputs.

Roraima Industry - Grupo BBF

Verticalized and integrated business model.

We were born in São João da Baliza, where we have the complete cycle of our operation: we plant, harvest, crush the fruit, produce biofuels, and generate clean electricity for the state.

BBF in the Communities

We are a company committed to the well-being of communities. Our purpose is to contribute to the generation of jobs, income, socioeconomic development, and environmental preservation.

Picture of a farmer harvesting oil palm

Family Farming Program

Through the Family Farming program, of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA), we have encouraged more than 400 families in the state of Pará with the sustainable cultivation of oil palm.

About BBF
Indigenous Children

Traditional Communities

We interface with Indigenous communities and quilombolas, maintaining continuous dialogue with the villages that cohabit the regions where we operate. We invest in infrastructure and socioeconomic development.

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People around a table

Assistance and Infrastructure

We promote continuous assistance and investment in infrastructure for the communities surrounding our operations, such as the construction of bridges, maintenance of local roads, lectures in schools, environmental preservation actions with the communities, technical assistance in plant health, among other actions.

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We contribute to the sustainable development of the North of the country.