foam on the sponge as a representation of the home care product line

Amazonbio Care ANF (Betaine) for Personal Care and Home Care

AmazonBio Care ANF (Betaine)

In the Personal Care line, the product is characterized as an excellent surfactant in the formulation of shampoo, facial cleansers, liquid soaps and make-up removers, while in the Home Care line, it serves formulations for detergents for domestic and industrial use.

hand with liquid soap foam - representing the Personal Care product line

Product differentials

Our Betaine is developed from vegetable oils produced sustainably in the Amazon region.



AmazonBio Care ANF is an amphoteric surfactant in aqueous solution, produced from the fatty acid of palm kernel oil.



Because it is produced from palm kernel oil-based fatty acids, the product stands out on the national and international markets



Classified as a "zwiterionic" surfactant, ANF has both a negative and positive charge, with excellent foaming, viscosity regulating, wetting, conditioning and antistatic properties.



ANF has a shelf life of 2 years, as long as it is stored in a covered and ventilated place, keeping its original packaging, and it is important to keep it at room temperature.

Technical specifications

Chemical Name: Palm kernel oil fatty acid aminopropylbetaine
CAS: 61789-40-0
NCM: 2923.90.10


AmazonBio Care ANF documents

Technical Bulletin

Type: PDF
Size: 75 kb


MSDS - Chemical Product Safety Data Sheet

Type: PDF
Size: 132 kb


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