Palm Oil: Biotechnology and the sustainable revolution

March 19, 2024
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biotechnology and palm oil

Palm Oil and Biotechnology

In the broad scenario of vegetable oils, palm oil stands out, influencing cuisine and playing a significant role in the cosmetics and hygiene industry. At the Grupo BBF , palm oil represents innovations in the development of biofuels, clean energy generation and advances in the biotechnology sector.

Versatility of Palm Oil

Originating from the fruit of the palm, palm oil is the most consumed vegetable oil in the world, according to the IEA – Institute of Agricultural Economics . Its versatility makes it essential in the production of food, beauty products and hygiene items. Its consistency and resistance to high temperatures make it a valuable ingredient in cooking, while its moisturizing properties make it a sustainable ally in the cosmetics industry.

O Grupo BBF stands out in Brazil for being a pioneer in the sustainable cultivation of oil palm. The company follows an integrated and vertical business model, dominating the entire production chain. Currently, the Company cultivates more than 75 thousand hectares of palm in the North region, producing biodiesel to supply 25 thermoelectric plants operating in isolated systems – responsible for generating electricity for more than 140 thousand residents. In addition to innovating in the production of second generation biofuels and developing renewable inputs to replace petrochemical products.

Innovations in Biotechnology

In line with the search for more sustainable practices, the unit focused on biotechnology at Grupo BBF – BBF BioTech – marks an advance in the industrial sector, with the main objective of replacing the use of petrochemical products with renewable raw materials, where palm and palm kernel oil play a central role.

This initiative aims to serve various industry sectors, including agribusiness, cosmetics, food, cleaning and pharmaceuticals. Biotechnology applied to palm oil opens doors for the production of renewable inputs, which are environmentally friendly, offering several benefits for the planet.

It is also worth highlighting that the Grupo BBF established partnerships with the main university research centers in Brazil, such as UNICAMP, IPT and USP, for the development of this business unit. As part of its innovation journey, the company registered seventeen patents applied in the areas of cosmetics, cleaning, pharmaceuticals, food and biofuels.

Sustainability in Home Care and Personal Care

In the personal care and cleaning sector, the application of biotechnology to palm oil promises to revolutionize product formulation and serve several market industries. Raw materials derived from renewable sources contribute to environmental preservation and offer more effective solutions for end consumers. Sustainability, combined with innovation, redefines the consumer experience in the home care and personal care sectors. In addition to reinforcing the experience of large companies operating in the chemical products market that seek to use sustainable products in their formulations.

At the Grupo BBF , the pioneering journey with palm oil goes beyond biofuels and clean electricity generation; it extends to a broader vision of sustainability through biotechnology. By replacing petrochemicals with renewable inputs, the company transforms industries and shapes a future in which innovation and environmental preservation go hand in hand.

Currently, the Company produces renewable inputs to supply the market. The new AmazonBio Care line is produced from vegetable oils grown by the Grupo BBF in the Amazon region. In addition, the company develops renewable inputs customized according to each client's business needs.

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