Lecture on World Water Day at Rosa do Socorro Carvalho Secondary School

March 22nd, 2024
Pirateua Community - World Water Day Action
Pirateua Community - World Water Day Action

To commemorate World Water Day, on March 22, 2024, the Environment team organized an educational event for the 9th grade class of the Rosa do Socorro Carvalho E.M.E.F. School, located in Moju/PA.

The event included interactive dynamics, the formation of protection agents and the distribution of gifts. The students learned about the vital importance of water for life on the planet and the serious impacts caused by inappropriate use and pollution. During the lecture, the need for sustainable practices to preserve this essential resource was emphasized.

Pirateua Community - World Water Day Action 3
Pirateua Community - World Water Day Action 4

One of the activities involved the use of blue disposable cups, where each student transferred water from their cup to the cup of the classmate next to them, until they reached the last participant. The aim of this activity was to promote reflection on the apparent abundance of water and the negative effects of human actions, highlighting the growing reality of water scarcity.

The action was a success, encouraging students to become agents of environmental protection and to raise awareness in their communities about water conservation.