School visit to Grupo BBF

November 23, 2023
School visit to BBF
students from the Pirateua community at the Moju do Grupo BBF

On November 23rd, we had the honor of welcoming 9th grade students and teachers from the Rosa do Socorro Carvalho School, located in the Pirateua community at our Moju/PA Industrial Estate. The visit was marked by a series of educational activities:

The students were first welcomed with a comprehensive presentation about the company, followed by lectures on important topics such as health, safety and environmental education. At the end, everyone enjoyed a moment of socializing and a delicious breakfast.

The students were then taken to the industrial area, where they were able to witness our operational processes up close, enriching their practical knowledge.

The principal of Rosa do Socorro Carvalho School, Mrs. Leyla Santos, expressed her deep gratitude to BBF/Moju for the valuable learning moment provided to the students.

We would like to thank all the sectors that contributed to the success of this educational and community visit.