We recover degraded areas in the Amazon with sustainable cultivation

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With our verticalized business model we have proven that it is possible to combine agribusiness, biofuel production, and clean electricity generation with social development and environmental preservation.

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Sustainable oil palm cultivation

The sustainable cultivation of oil palm helps to recover degraded areas in the Northern region of the country. In addition, it captures greenhouse gases throughout its life cycle, helping to combat global warming.

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Commitment to the Amazon

Our sustainable oil palm cultivation contributes to the balance of the forest, carbon capture, restoration of soil cover and the biogeochemical and hydrological cycles. We are one of the largest employers in the northern region of Brazil.

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Recovery of degraded areas

Our sustainable oil palm cultivation is carried out in accordance with the environmental legislation in force and respects the Agroecological Zoning of the Oil Palm, recovering degraded areas of the Amazon forest.


Agroecological zoning of the Palm

The Agroecological Zoning of Oil Palm, a program created by the Federal Government in 2010 through Decree No. 7.172/2010, determines preferential and regular areas for oil palm cultivation in Brazil, with the aim of restructuring the country's energy matrix, as well as planning the sustainable use of land.

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